One of the daily activities that are held at the Chestnut Retreat Center are the daily morning study sessions. Fethullah Gulen conducts these traditional type of Islamic teaching, going through classical texts of Islamic jurisprudence, Hadith, exegetical texts and theology with his students. Gulen has been teaching over 50 years.

Fethullah Gulen wants to continue to familiarize his students with the tradition of Islam as well sharing what he has studied over the course of his life. For students, this offers a unique way to study their religion, rarely found elsewhere.

Most of the texts are read in Arabic whilst Fethullah Gulen offers his explanations in Turkish. Whilst students read in Arabic, they interact by asking questions and making comments in Turkish. Students prepare for these texts and present whilst sitting on the ground, whilst visitors watch from seated chairs. The texts are often projected on a large screen for visitors to follow.

In the circle, in addition to these, some other books on Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Science have been summarized and discussed by the students.