Chestnut Retreat Center (d.b.a. of Golden Generation Worship and Retreat Center) is a non-profit organization that serves the community through offering a space for spiritual development, providing community services, and organizing interfaith and intercultural programs where members of different religions and cultures will get to know one another. We think that is the ultimate ingredient for world peace.

Chestnut Retreat Center (CRC) was founded upon the ideals and principles of the Hizmet Movement.


Thanks to their hope for forgiveness, humans can rise above the dark clouds that threaten their horizon and seize the opportunity to see light in their world.

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Love is an elixir; a human lives with love, is made happy by love and makes those around him or her happy with love. In the vocabulary of humanity, love is life; we feel and sense each other with love.

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Interfaith dialogue is a must today, and the first step in establishing it is forgetting the past, ignoring polemical arguments, and giving precedence to common points, which far outnumber polemical ones.

Religion and science are two faces of a single truth. Religion guides us to the true path leading to happiness. Science, when understood and used properly, is like a torch that provides us with a light to follow the same path.

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The heart is humanity’s most essential feature and its greatest treasure. It is the expression of our spiritual existence, the source of our feelings and beliefs, and the pathway to our soul’s ultimate depths.


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